Sunday, April 29, 2012

Find, Point, Scan: Using QR Codes in your Library

Speakers: Elizabeth Graves, Head of Technical Processes, Northwestern State University of Louisiana Watson Library; Julie Obst, E-Learning Librarian, Central Piedmont Community College

Smartphones are being used by an estimated 100 million people, and each of those phones has the capability to scan QR codes.  Think of the possibilities! Elizabeth Graves, a head of technical processes, and Julie Obst, an e-learning librarian, both have extensive experience introducing QR codes into academic library settings. They’ll spend this session discussing the planning and implementing QR code projects at their libraries as well as explain why it is critical to use QR codes in a manner that will produce statistics, the difficulties of promoting the codes, and how the project is or is not scalable. Come to this session with questions about QR codes and leave with ideas about how to use this tech tool in your library!
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Credo Reference Online Seminar Series—Spring 2012Tech Tools and their Place in the 21st Century Library

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