Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aug: Statistical Resources (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)

August 27 (1-2 pm) Mountain 

FREE monthly webinar sponsored by the MidContinental Region.Coordinators offer tips and tricks on National Library of Medicine (NLM) and related resources.  This month, Rachel Vukas, Kansas/Technology Coordinator, discusses some statistical resources available from the National Library of Medicine and related organizations.

No registration required. For more information, visit:  or contact Jim Honour at or 307-766-6537.

Aug: Introduction to the American Community Survey (U.S. Census)

August 27 (11 am – 12 pm) Mountain

Discover the detailed social, economic, and housing statistics that the American Community Survey (ACS) provides for every community every year. You will learn about basics of the yearly estimates and datasets produced from the ACS, resources available on our website (, and how to access our statistical products via American FactFinder.

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Aug: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: RFID, Checkout Kiosks, Security Gates, and … a New Way to Check Out (Nebraska Library Commission)

August 27 (9-10 am) Mountain

In this monthly feature of NCompass Live, the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, Michael Sauers, will discuss the tech news of the month and share new and exciting tech for your library. There will also be plenty of time in each episode for you to ask your tech questions. So, bring your questions with you, or send them in ahead of time, and Michael will have your answers.

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Aug: Database of the Month: Smithsonian Collections Online (Wyoming State Library)

August 26 (11:15 am – 12 pm) Mountain

Browse magazines, search topics, explore collections. Smithsonian Collections Online include Smithsonian Magazine and Air & Space Magazine, plus, two collections: World's Fairs and Expositions: Visions of Tomorrow and Trade Literature and the Merchandizing of Industry. Join Chris Van Burgh for a look at the valuable resource.

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Aug: MedlinePlus: Power Searching for Hidden Treasures (Infopeople)

August 21 (1-2 pm) Mountain

This webinar is on Medline Plus. Please see link for additional information as it becomes available.

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Aug: Transitioning from Sage on the Stage to Engaging Learning: Tips and tricks for presenting to adults (Colorado State Library)

August 21 (12-1 pm) Mountain

Tired of attending the same old presentations? Want to learn how to truly engage with your audience? Whether delivering presentations online or in person, attendee interaction and engagement are central to learning. In this highly interactive session we will uncover the power of experiential, collaborative learning, and brainstorm ways to make your presentations more interactive

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Aug: Going Digital (Lyrasis)

August 19 (12-1 pm) Mountain

Join us for a one hour free webinar that briefly introduces the critical components of digital content creation and collection development.

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Aug: Proposal Budgeting Basics (Grantspace)

August 18 (1-2 pm) Mountain

This session, geared to the novice grantseeker, will cover such topics as what is included under the "personnel" section and how to calculate it?; what level of detail do you need to include for non-personnel expenses?; how do you determine reasonable costs?; what types of expenses are considered "overhead"?; and what other financial documents will funders want to see? Prior attendance at Proposal Writing Basics is strongly recommended.

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Aug: Building an Accessibility Program in Your Organization (Accessible Technology Coalition)

August 14 (12-1) Mountain

Tired of solving one accessibility problem, only to see another just like it pop up a week later? Exhausted from running around fighting accessibility fires, all on your own with a tiny spray bottle? It's time to put accessibility on a mature organizational basis. Learn how to build a sustainable accessibility program within your agency, company, or educational institution.

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Aug: Proposal Writing Basics (Grantspace)

August 14 (12-1 pm) Mountain

For those new to proposal writing, this class will cover: how the proposal fits into the overall grantseeking process; what to include in a standard proposal to a foundation; tips for making each section of your proposal stronger; what funders expect to see in your proposal and attachments; tips for communicating with funders during the grant process; and additional resources on proposal writing, including sample proposals

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Aug: Introduction to Finding Funders (Grantspace)

August 13 (12-1 pm) Mountain

This session provides an introduction to the Foundation Center's comprehensive online database, Foundation Directory Online Professional. Learn how to create customized searches to develop targeted lists of foundations that will match your nonprofit organization's funding needs. We will spend time exploring Power Search, which allows you to search across nine Foundation Center databases – grantmakers, grants, companies, 990s, news, jobs, RFPs, nonprofit literature, and IssueLab reports. The webinar assumes no previous experience with Foundation Directory Online Professional.

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Aug: Grantseeking Basics (Grantspace)

August 12 (12-1 pm) Mountain

Learn how to become a better grantseeker! In this class we will cover: what you need to have in place before you seek a grant; the world of grantmakers; the grantseeking process; and available tools and resources.

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Aug: Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits (Grantspace)

August 7 (1-2 pm) Mountain

Learn the characteristics of effective nonprofits and assess whether yours is ready for foundation fundraising. This class is designed for new nonprofits or community groups with very little experience in grantseeking. We focus specifically on foundation fundraising.

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Aug: A Primer on Instructional Design for Library Trainers (Montana State Library)

August 5 (9-10 am) Mountain

Do you provide training and presentations at your library, either formally or informally? You might benefit from learning about instructional design - the specific and strategic methods used to plan, execute, and evaluate training and learning activities. In this session, Jo Flick will introduce library staff who train to some of the most common models for instructional design and demonstrate some take-away strategies that you can use to improve your training activities.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aug: Preparing to Program (Library Juice Academy)

August 4-29, 2014
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175

Want to learn how to program, but lack the background to understand programming concepts? This class is for you. Preparing to Program won't teach you how to program, but it will teach you think like a programmer and introduce you to basic computing concepts. You will learn some of the traditional conceptual tools that programmers use to plan projects, how to get things done on a command line, basic data and control concepts, and you will write simple programs at the end of the course. This course will provide the foundation for the more rigorous instruction in programming in subsequent courses. This course is followed by Beginning Programming in Python, Part I.