Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jan'15: Getting Started with GIS (LITA)

January 12 - February 9, 2015

LITA Member: $135
ALA Member: $195

Getting Started with GIS is a three week course modeled on Eva Dodsworth's LITA Guide of the same name. The course provides an introduction to GIS technology and GIS in libraries. Through hands on exercises, discussions and recorded lectures, students will acquire skills in using GIS software programs, social mapping tools, map making, digitizing, and researching for geospatial data. This three week course provides introductory GIS skills that will prove beneficial in any library or information resource position

Jan-Mar'15: Online asynchronous workshop classes (Simmons SLIS Continuing Education)


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jan'15: Advanced Name Authority Records: Corporate Bodies (FDLP)

Thursday, January 15, 2015 / 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Join Marty as he builds on his previous webinar, “Name Authority Records in RDA,” to demonstrate the creation and modification of name authority records for U.S. Government corporate bodies. Along the way, Marty will highlight principles underlying the Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging standard, principles which determine the data that is recorded. In addition, Marty will explain the reasoning that guides some of the research conducted as part of corporate name authority work. This presentation also builds on the previous GPO webinar, “An Overview of RDA and Its Implementation at GPO.”

GPO’s Bibliographic and Metadata Section has been creating and modifying name authority records for library catalogs since 1977. GPO is the expert on corporate body records for U.S. Government agencies and bureaus and also creates and modifies authority records for non-governmental corporate bodies, persons, places, series, laws, and treaties.