Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do you read this blog?

I have been posting professional development opportunities in this space since 2011.

I see the statistics of hits and page views, but I don't know if these are actual humans or webcrawlers.

If you are a human and read this blog, please post a comment to this post.  If I get enough comments, I will continue posting.

Thank you for your attention!
MDriscoll, life-long learner.


conjur said...


I subscribed to this blog feed about a month ago via feedly. I have a lib tech job in Chicago and appreciate the wide range of topics in the offerings you cover.


Lisa Hubbell said...

So far, I've only been looking at your listing of PD opportunities. When I searched for it again, I saw this post. Good reminder that there's more here.

Jenny said...

I'm really late to the table but I read your blog. I get it through Feedly. I will have to keep up to date using your calendar now. Thank you for all you have poster here. It has been great.

Anne Tignanelli said...

I'm a human student at SJSU MLIS Program. I just recently became aware of your blog while viewing your course #281. Thanks for the great information you provide!

deborah said...

I started reading your blog in October 2015 when I heard about it at a workshop. thank you for maintaining your calendar for training & learning opportunities!

MDriscoll said...

Thank you all for letting me know that the calendar of professional development learning events is still of value -- I keep it updated continuously, so stay tuned =)

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