Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Future is Coming! What Does That Mean for Public Libraries?


Speakers: Renee DiPilato, Central Library Manager, Alexandria Library; Lynda Rudd, Technical Services Manager, Alexandria Library; Mary Weiss, Director of Sales--Public and School Libraries, Credo Reference

This brainstorming session is the culmination of a month-long campaign for public libraries on Libraries Thriving. It will feature a discussion panel of library supporters sharing their visions of the public library of the future. The discussion will build on the results of Libraries Thriving’s survey of public libraries and also incorporate discussion forum conversations around the prompt "It's the year 2022. The public library of today differs from the public library of 2012 in these three ways..."

Download the session recording here! (Please allow 2-3 minutes for download)
View the session PowerPoint here!

Credo Reference Online Seminar Series—Spring 2012Tech Tools and their Place in the 21st Century Library

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