Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Putting Corporate Volunteers to Work!

The "Get Involved: Powered by Your Library" statewide volunteerism initiative is pleased to announce a free Webinar on June 6 at Noon.  Jennifer Bennett from VolunteerMatch will present on this topic:
Putting Corporate Volunteers to Work!
It can be challenging to engage corporate volunteers. Too often volunteer managers want to say yes, but struggle to find meaningful, interesting work for these volunteers to do. This workshop will present evaluation points to help volunteer managers determine if their program is ready to engage, or expand the use of corporate volunteers. Effective practices for engagement, ideas for diversifying the work and commitment level of corporate volunteer, the importance of creating opportunities with measurable impacts, and communicating those impacts will be discussed. Presenters will lead a discussion around the challenges and successes attendees have had engaging corporate volunteers.
So Save the Date!  A link to the webinar will be provided as we get closer . . . in the meantime, if you have questions about "Get Involved" ( or VolunteerMatch, please let me know how I can help . . . Carla

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