Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When Webinars Attack!: Getting from Tedious to Terrific

Presenter:  Laura Solomon 
Date:  Thursday, June 7, 201
Start Time:          12 Noon Pacific   1PM Mountain    2PM Central   3PM Eastern

This webinar will last approximately one hour. Webinars are free of charge.  Registration is ONLY done on the day of the event on the WebEx server starting 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. No Passwords are required.  For Tips and Registration Information, please go to
For more information and to participate in the June 7 webinar, go to
You’ve been asked (or maybe you actually volunteered) to do a webinar. Now what? You’ve sat through your share of horrendous webinars, and you don’t want to inflict one on anyone else.
·         How do you prepare?
·         How is a webinar different from giving an in-person presentation?
·         How do you keep people interested so they don’t just go spend the whole time on Facebook?
The questions can be overwhelming and the challenges numerous. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and how to keep your audience engaged. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that newbie presenters make. Discover what it takes to get asked to do it again--you can make your first (or next) webinar ROCK!
At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will be able to:
·         Name the six reasons that cause webinars to go poorly
·         Define common mistakes that novice webinar presenters make and how to avoid them
·         Identify at least three strategies to help your webinars be successful
·         Identify 3 or more tech tips to prevent technical issues during a webinar
This webinar will be of interest to anyone who plans to give a webinar or wants to improve his/her online presentation skills.
If you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the archived version the day following the webinar.  Check our archive listing at:

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