Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Techniques for Creative Problem Solving in Libraries

Instructor: Annie Downie
Dates: January 14-27, 2013
Credits: 0.75 CEUs
Cost: $90

Librarians are constantly called on to come up with creative solutions to problems of all stripes, whether is it how to offer amazing service with too little staff, coming up with ways to convince faculty to bring their classes to the library, plan for an unknown and constantly changing future, develop presentations that wow board members or administrators, or develop an innovative orientation session for new freshman. We have to do it all and usually in a short amount of time. One of the most valuable tools a librarian can have is the ability to think creatively and to approach issues with a fresh and open mind.

The course is comprised of four sections: Generating New Ideas, Developing Habits of Creative Thinking, The Thinking Process, and Turning Ideas into Successful Projects. Within these sections you will learn practical strategies and techniques including effective brainstorming, cross-fertilization of ideas, creating time and space to think, perceptual positioning, questioning assumptions and biases, concept mapping, unconventional problem solving, problem redefinition, and reality checks. This course will utilize brief readings, online discussion, video, worksheets, and exercises.

The course will culminate in you taking a work problem or issue you are currently dealing with and developing a plan of action using the 6-step Productive Thinking Model and your newly learned creative problem solving skills. The instructor will work closely with you on the development of your plan offering guidance and feedback throughout the process.

Annie Downey currently serves as the Director of Research Services at the Reed College Library, in Portland OR. She is the former Head of Research and Instructional Services at the University of North Texas, where she also served as Manager of the Instruction Unit, Outreach Librarian, Reference and Instruction Librarian, and a Graduate Library Assistant. She is in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Higher Education at UNT, where the focus of her research is critical information literacy. She also teaches Academic Libraries at Texas Woman's University School of Library and Information Science. Interview with Annie Downey

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