Monday, March 25, 2013

April: E-book MARC Records in the Age of AACR2, Provider-Neutral Guidelines, and now RDA

April 23-24, 2013

Hosted by Amy Bailey and Rebecca Culbertson

Please join us for an e-forum discussion. It’s free and open to everyone!

Registration information is at the end of the message.

Each day, discussion begins and ends at:

Pacific: 7am – 3pm
Mountain: 8am – 4pm
Central: 9am – 5pm
Eastern: 10am – 6pm

This e-forum will focus on creating MARC records for e-books using standards such as AACR2, Provider-Neutral Guidelines, and RDA, as well as issues related to managing those records. Topics may include the appropriate application of standards, specific MARC fields, batch processing and workflow, hybrid and merged records, macros, and customization. We intend for this to be a productive dialog involving libraries and consortia, authors of standards, and vendors in order to understand how each approaches the characteristics of e-books and resolves cataloging issues they may generate.

*Amy Bailey* is a Catalog Librarian at ProQuest.  The cataloging department creates full, I-level MARC records for a variety of microform and digital products including e-books.  Prior to joining ProQuest, Amy worked in cataloging, institutional repository metadata, interlibrary loan, and circulation at academic and public libraries.

*Becky Culbertson* is Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian for the California Digital Library housed at the University of California, San Diego.
She gathers, catalogs, fixes, replaces, and distributes online serial, monographic, and integrating resource records for the ten University of California campuses.  She was a co-editor of the task group that developed the PCC Provider-Neutral Guidelines (both AACR2 and now RDA) and currently is the chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Standards.  Her main interest and professional goal is in promoting cataloging standards of all kinds. She attended library school at the University of Michigan and has previously worked as a cataloger at the University of Michigan and the University of Georgia.

*What is an e-forum?*

An ALCTS e-forum provides an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest, led by a moderator, through the e-forum discussion list. The e-forum discussion list works like an email listserv: register your email address with the list, and then you will receive messages and communicate with other participants through an email discussion. Most e-forums last two to three days. Registration is necessary to participate, but it's free. See a list of upcoming e-forums at: [1].

*To register:*

Instructions for registration are available at: [2].
Once you have registered for one e-forum, you do not need to register again, unless you choose to leave the email list. Participation is free and open to anyone.

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