Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ongoing: Practice into Research, Research into Practice

Many librarians want to improve their practice by conducting research and publishing findings.  However, they may not have the opportunity to learn research methods during a masters degree program in library and information science.
I've been working on a self-directed online professional development program, “Practice into Research, Research into Practice,” to try to help with this issue.  The program is openly available at no cost.  It consists of a slide orientation; a pre-assessment; a syllabus that details the assignments and activities; and a program assessment.  The outcome for the program is a research proposal.  I recommend working with a mentor (I can help you identify one).  You can work individually or in groups.
To access the “Practice into Research, Research into Practice” professional development program, go to:
This is Version 1 of the program.  Comments and questions are welcome to plan for future improvements!
Sharon Weiner
Sharon Weiner, EdD, MLS
Professor of Library Science and W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy
Purdue University Libraries

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