Tuesday, April 16, 2013

May: Principled Leadership

Thu, May. 23, 2013
noon - 1 p.m. US/Eastern
A busy leader can be so distracted by big issues that they can ignore the important details. How are the people who work with you treated on a day-to-day basis? How do you conduct yourself in public meetings? Do your words and deeds reflect virtues like compassion, integrity, benevolence, and courage? What are the principles of your profession, trade, institution, or community that guide you? 

  • Introduction: The Times We Live In
  • They Key Idea: Principles Win Trust And Support
  • What Principles Do You Hold Important?
  • How Do You Demonstrate Them In Decisions And Actions?
  • What Are The Costs Of Supporting Principles? 
  • When Is A Principles A "Sacred Cow": The Sign Of A True Believer
  • How Do You Become More Principled?
  • Win support for big initiatives
  • Seek out and work with other principled leaders
  • Evaluate and remove self-limiting belief systems
  • $10.00 METRO Institutional Member Employee
  • $10.00 Individual myMETRO Member
  • $10.00 NY3Rs Member
  • $25.00 Non-Member
Speaker Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner has been a trainer, educator, and consultant for 40 years, having worked with clients in 48 states and Canada. She is a manager and producer at Pattern Research, Inc. Pat likes to find the essence in models of human behavior and organizational design and build effective and engaging formats ...
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