Saturday, June 29, 2013

July: How to Build Websites Like Hollywood Builds Movies: The Life-Cycle of a Drupal Project

July 9    10:00am Pacific

Cost: Free
In this webcast, we’ll look at the life-cycle of a Drupal development project through the lens of Hollywood storytelling. Learn how to deliver successful projects that are on time, on budget, and meet customer expectations through a comparison of how the narrative structure of various films compares to different process models for site development. Not only will you come away with a better understanding of how to approach your next Web development project, but you’ll also gain a greater appreciation for the life lessons taught by some of your favorite Hollywood films.
This webcast will cover:
  • Managing Audience Expectations
  • The Structure of Storytelling
  • The Three Act Web Development Cycle
  • The Agile Process
  • Elements of a Successful Open Source Web Platform