Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sept: Learning on Demand: Evolution of Technology and the Future of Learning

August 26, 2013   7:00am Pacific

This session will introduce participants to the technologies that are shaping the future of the World Wide Web and how those technologies disrupt existing web based training design.

Using the five key principles of the web, participants will explore how to design for a web that is evolving based on these principles in a way that is significantly different from existing design methods.

This session will be based on the principles of Reuben Tozman’s new book, Learning on Demand: How the Evolution of Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning.

Learning Objectives

In this session participants will learn the five key principles of the web that has sustained its growth:
  1. The web wants to be fed.
  2. The web wants to understand what it is being fed.
  3. The web wants content to be viral.
  4. The web wants you to know you.
  5. The web wants you to communicate