Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sept-Dec: Metaliteracy MOOC

This is an open learning experience that emerges from the research of Tom Mackey and Trudi Jacobson and the metaliteracy framework they first developed in Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy in College & Research Libraries. Metaliteracy is a comprehensive open learning model that reimagines information literacy for social media environments and online communities in the 21st century. Metaliteracy is a unified framework that promotes critical thinking, participatory learning, and metacognitive reflection as interrelated and ongoing collaborative practices. Metaliteracy MOOC connects learners from the University at Albany, Empire State College, and participants from around the world. Join us for this interactive dialogue among participants and engage in conversation with scholars during our regularly scheduled Metaliteracy MOOC Talks.

                     September 2-15
                     Live session MOOC Talk 4 September           
                September 16-29
                     Live sesion MOOC Talk 18 September
                with Char Booth, Tom Mackey and Trudi Jacobson            
               September 30-October 13
                    Live session MOOC Talk 9 October
               with Alton Grizzle and Paul Prinsloo        
                October 14-27
                     Live session MOOC Talk
                with R. Brian Stone
                October 28-November 3
                      Live session MOOC Talk 30 October
                 with John Delano and Rex Smith
               November 4-17 
                     Live session MOOC Talk 6 November
                with Bryan Alexander and Nicola Allain  
               November 18-December 1
                    Live session MOOC Talk 20 November
               with Michele Forte and Sue Thomas
               December 2-18
                    Live session MOOC Talk 4 December
               with Betty Hurley-Dasgupta and HP Academy Fellows