Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sept: Student Staff Development (Library Juice Academy)

Dates: September 3-30, 2013
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175

No library can successfully serve its users without qualified and dedicated staff members. Student staff members fill roles that are essential to the success of any library. Therefore, it is necessary that these students be of high quality and well-trained. This course is based upon the premise that a student's work in the library should be seen as part of his or her overall development as a learner and a complete individual. With that philosophy in mind, this course will teach you specific tools and methods to evaulate and improve your current process of hiring, training and developing your student staff. Specifically, the focus will be on methods and processes to help you hire the best students possible, clearly communicate your expectations to your student staff, measure their progress and ability while finding ways to motivate and engage them. Readings will be provided during the course.
Course objectives:
Understand the role that student staff play in the functioning of your library.
Recognize and clearly articulate what a dedicated approach to student staff training and development looks like in your library.
Develop a comprehensive student training and development plan, as applicable to your particular library staff situation.
Create new or tweak existing hiring, training and other procedures related to the training of student staff.
Work with other librarians to learn from their experiences and knowledge.