Monday, September 9, 2013

Oct: Communication Is More Than Words

Infopeople online course, October 29, 2013 to November 25, 2013

Is everyone talking and no one listening? Are you afraid to speak up because your idea may get shot down? Communicating is the foundation of almost every human interaction, and it’s more than simply choosing the right words. In this course experienced instructor Cheryl Gould will help you understand how we communicate in every situation, including…

•             What great communicators do
•             How our brains filter what we hear
•             How to stay present and listen actively
•             How to use non-verbal cues to create openness

Fee: $75 for those in the California library community and Infopeople Partners, $150 for all others.

For a complete course description and to register go to

NOTE: This course is approved as covering the Communication and Teamwork competencies for the LSSC program in conjunction with All Work is Team Work (to be offered in Spring, 2013).