Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dec: Marketing the Library in the 21st Century

1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175   Dec 1-28

Marketing in the 21st century is a course designed for MLS candidates, graduates, librarians and paraprofessionals who are charged with creating marketing and promotions plans. It will highlight the overall importance of using marketing and promotions to increase awareness of our services and our profession. Far too often today, people say our profession is dying. This course teaches its participants that marketing and promotions can help us better serve our patrons in the 21st century, while improving awareness and regard for our profession.

Learning aids include several user-friendly tools and resources (checklists, diagrams, outlines) that beginners can use to create a marketing plan. Participants will use basic project management principles to help them manage creating and implementing a simple starter marketing plan. Practical examples of such will be included. Additionally, there will be assigned readings and web-extras for them to review.

In a final project(s), participants will create a guiding mission statement, plan of action (hitting on project management applications) and list of promotional activities for implementation in their library.