Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dec: Participatory Culture in the Library: Community-driven Collecting, Cataloging, and Curating

0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90  Dec 2-16
In the past decade, the participatory or “read/write” web has transformed the way in which people are able to interact with each other and with institutions. It has also changed the way that people participate in culture: they are now able and willing to create their own culture and become their own curators and gatekeepers in self-sustaining web communities. Traditionally, libraries functioned like the pre-read/write web in essentially providing culture and acting as cultural gatekeeper for their communities. Libraries can learn from the read/write web and invite their communities to participate in collection building, cataloging, curation, and even governance to build a stronger library and a stronger community. This course will examine the theory around participatory culture and look at real-world examples of libraries which are effectively using participatory culture to build vibrant communities.