Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jan: Cultural Intelligence: Effective Tools for the Global Workforce

January 14, 2014
10-11am Pacific

While our world is now fully global, most educational institutions are failing us drastically when it comes to preparing employees to work across cultures. While most jobs nowadays require some type of across the border interaction, too few employees are appropriately prepared to avoid the cross-cultural land mines that lay within the international arena. Through this session, participants will learn how to:

Discover the different cultural dimensions at play when interacting across cultures
Position themselves within cultures
Learn about culturally different leadership styles
Tweak their communication style to bond across cultures
Adjust their culturally rooted expectations

Training for international success is indeed required today. Integrating cultural intelligence and developing a global mindset are effective ways to reduce frustration and failure for those who are part of a global organization. This session will be useful to anyone who is part of a multicultural distributed team, in charge of either purchasing or selling abroad--or simply interacting with people located in different time zones.