Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jan: Simply Managing

January 8, 2014
12-1pm Eastern

What Managers Do—and Can Do Better
Managing is important for anyone affected by its practice, which means not just managers, but everyone. We all need to understand it better, in order that it be practiced better.
In this program, Henry Mintzberg explores the characteristics, contents, and varieties of managers, as well as the conundrums they face and how they become effective. These insights are based upon his observations of 29 different managers, from business, government, and nonprofits, working in diverse settings ranging from a refugee camp to a symphony orchestra.
What he saw led him to develop a new model of management, one firmly grounded in his conclusion that management is not a profession or a science. As he writes, “It is a practice, learned primarily through experience and rooted in context.”

What You Will Learn
Mintzberg will offer a compelling discussion of some of the inescapable conundrums of managing:
Why most organizations are overled and undermanaged
Is social media, email, the Internet, etc., helping or hindering managers from doing their jobs?
A framework of managerial effectiveness that includes five “managerial mindsets”
While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required.