Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feb: MOOCs and the Public Library: An Opportunity (ALCTS)

February 26  11-12pm PST

This webinar will discuss the opportunities for public libraries to promote lifelong learning by becoming meet-up destinations for MOOCs. The webinar is based on the experience of the Ridgefield (Connecticut) Library which hosted a ten-week literature-based MOOC.

This series of webinars features librarians and scholars from public and academic libraries reporting on the latest research about MOOCs and offering practical information on creating and presenting MOOCs.  It will appeal to librarians in academic, public, and special libraries.  Presenters will discuss the role libraries play in the development of MOOCs and share information that will enable attendees to familiarize themselves with the steps involved in developing a MOOC. Learn more about the Libraries and MOOCs webinar series, both upcoming sessions and those held in 2013 (recordings are available).

Fee ($USD)
Participant                    Each Series of 4
ALCTS Member (individual) 43 138
Nonmember (individual)         59 189
International (individual)         43 138
Groups. Applies to group of people that will watch the webinar together from one access point.
Member group                         99 317
Nonmember group                 129 413