Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feb: Reading for Information in Preschool - Best Practices in Selecting Informational Text (Early Childhood Investigations)

February 5 (11-12pm PST)

Informational text is non-fiction written and intended to inform readers (and pre-readers) without reliance on characters.  How can preschool programs select informational text for children don’t even know how to read?  Even if you are already using informational text in your program, you may not fully realize its connection to meeting State PreK  and Head Start Standards and how important it is for preparing children to enter the world of Common Core State Standards when they enter Kindergarten. This webinar will focus on key selection criteria you need to know to make decisions for implementation.  You will leave the session with a title list of excellent examples of non-fiction titles, as well as an evaluation checklist that will help you select titles for your classroom.

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