Friday, January 24, 2014

Mar: Fair Use in Depth (Library Juice Academy)

March 3-28, 2014      Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175

Fair use in copyright is a complex area of law, and yet it is one on which librarians, other information professionals, and educators at all levels depend on a daily basis. Fair use is a tool that, when mastered, can greatly empower those who use it. Most of these individuals and institutions do not have as high a level of expertise in fair use as they could; without that higher level of expertise, it is unlikely that the individual or institution is taking full advantage of their fair use rights.
This workshop will explore fair use in depth, focusing on the skills needed to be able to thoroughly understand and apply fair use, and thus to make confident decisions, in any environment. This workshop is different than most on fair use in the following ways:
It teaches participants how to “think like a lawyer” in applying fair use.
It employs an active learning approach and thus requires active participation by participants.
Participants are taught how to approach fair use in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner.
Participants will learn how to make risk assessments in the fair use context, so that they can make the decisions most appropriate to the positions and values of their individual institutions.