Friday, January 24, 2014

Mar: Information Architecture: Designing Navigation for Library Websites (Library Juice Academy)

March 3-28, 2014     Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175

Website navigation is a key design device to help users search and browse library websites and information systems. The design of Website navigation can be simple or complex, flat or deep. In all cases, website navigation should take into account information architecture (IA) best practices, common user tasks in the library domain, user research, analytics and information seeking models.
In this four week course, you will gain insight into the art & science of IA, the discipline of labeling and organizing online information for optimal usability and findability. This course will introduce you to basic types of navigation, as well as classification schemes for organizing information. You will learn about best practices for labeling navigation, search engine optimiziation (SEO) and usability. Finally, you will gain hands-on experience developing a navigation scheme for a library website.

This course can be taken as one of six courses needed to earn our Certificate in User Experience (UX), but can be taken as a stand-alone course as well.