Monday, February 24, 2014

Apr: Book as iPad App: Multimedia, Multi-Touch E-Books and their Future in Libraries (ALA)

4-week eCourse

Beginning Monday, April 7
Library patrons trust your recommendations on what to read next, and as the use of iPads proliferates, they will look to you for recommendations on exemplary books as apps. The best of this new breed of apps use the multimedia, multi-touch capabilities of the iPad to extend the concept of the book, creating a new immersive experience for readers. This eCourse is taught by Nicole Hennig, head of the user experience (UX) group for the MIT Libraries.
After completing this eCourse, you'll have
•    a better understanding of the characteristics that make for a quality reading experience in this format
•    knowledge of where to look for reviews of book apps and what to include when writing your own reviews
•    familiarity with some of the best book apps currently available as well as an understanding of what makes them the best
•    ideas for creative programs and services that you can offer in your library related to iPad book apps