Friday, February 21, 2014

Apr-May: Reference Interview 101 (RUSA)

April 21 - May 30, 2014

Course Objectives and Description
Reference Interview is a comprehensive course focusing on the methods of evaluating reference service, behavioral aspects of reference service, and the different types of questions that can be used to help patrons identify what they need. Using images, audio, and video, this in-depth educational approach covers everything from the approachability of the librarian to how to follow up with a patron. Scheduled chat sessions will model interviewing techniques using sample dialogues.

Reference Interview is tailored for support staff, library technicians, newly hired reference librarians, and those librarians who want to brush up on their interview skills. The topics covered are introductory in nature. Class segments are geared to cover issues of interest to staff in all types of libraries.

Course Outline
    Module 1: Introduction
    Module 2: Reference Evaluation
    Module 3: Behavioral Guidelines
    Module 4: Approachability
    Module 5: The Reference Interview Environment
    Module 6: Questioning and Listening Techniques
    Module 7: The Reference Interview: Dialogues
    Module 8: The Reference Interview: Follow-up

Registration Fees:
    $130 for RUSA members
    $175 for ALA members
    $210 for non-ALA members
    $100 for student members and retired members