Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mar-May: iPads, Tablets, and Gadgets in the Library: Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation (ALA)

Asynchronous eCourse beginning March 31, 2014 and continuing for 6 weeks

At the end of this eCourse, you will be able to:
    Understand your library’s/community’s needs related to tablets and other technologies
    Become familiar with the types of tablets and other electronic tools that can enhance library services and staff productivity
    Set up a multifaceted tech tool program
    Use tablets and other tech tools efficiently and effectively
    Communicate effectively with a network of individuals with the same interests regarding tech tools
    Stay up to date with tablets and other tech tools

Now that personal electronic devices like tablets, smart phones and digital cameras are ubiquitous, it’s important for librarians to be able to incorporate these devices into both library services and internal staff activity. In this first-of-its-kind eCourse, Virginia Tech librarians and gadget experts Rebecca Miller, Carolyn Meier and Heather Moorefield-Lang will show you what you need to know about these gadgets, from surveying the landscape of available products to purchasing and implementing these devices in your library. Over the six weeks of the eCourse you will also gain new tech skills, such as communicating via video blog or podcast and using Twitter and social bookmarking tools to share ideas.