Monday, February 24, 2014

May: Getting More Active Learning Into Your Teaching (Library Juice Academy)

May 5-30, 2014   $175

 Do you deliver training or teaching and want to find ways of increasing the engagement of your class members with the subject matter? This four week course will explain more about active learning, challenge you to assess your own teaching and explore ways of increasing active learning within your own instruction sessions. The course will provide practical active learning tips including some great starts and finishes to sessions, ways of improving discussion, ideas for bringing play and games into your teaching, and more.

We will start with explaining the pedagological basis of active learning and why using this approach can improve the learning outcomes of students in your information literacy classes, including "one shot" sessions. Participants will assess their own current practices and use this as a basis to develop their skills over the following weeks, which will concentrate on practical tips suitable for using in all library sectors. Throughout the course, participants will be expected to engage in discussion and self reflection, resulting in some practical "take aways" for re-invigorating their future library instruction. By the end of the course participants will have clearly planned how they will change future classes in order to improve learner outcomes through active learning techniques.