Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Apr: Successful Faculty Outreach Strategies in ASERL Libraries (ASERL)

ASERL librarians describe their experiences working successfully with faculty to advance scholarly communication issues on their campuses:

• Beth Bernhardt will describe the scholarly communications committee created recently by the faculty senate at UNC Greensboro, including representatives from each division on campus. The committee meets to plan programs to disseminate information across campus.

• Christine Fruin has developed Scholarly Communications workshops for the University of Florida, each with specific objectives and audiences in mind.  They are marketed through campus newsletters, banners, and screen-savers on library PCs.  A survey has also been sent out to workshop participants to determine both convenient workshop scheduling and also future topics of interest.

• Micah Vandegrift and Josh Bolick will talk about the how the Scholarly Communication Office at Florida State University uses information from the faculty CV database to analyze the publishing habits of a department prior to conducting outreach to them. This allows very specific and targeted messages based on actual, practical examples, rather than speaking in generalities about open access, self-archiving and publishing. 

• Nathan Hall from Virginia Tech will describe how the repository librarian has conducted semi-structured interviews with faculty to better understand their attitudes toward scholarly communication.  Based on the findings, staff and student workers upload articles in a way that serves those interests and attitudes.  The library also hosts repository workshops and Open Access Week events tied to the repository, and managed an open access subvention fund.

• Stephanie Brenenson will discuss how the inception and marketing of the Open Access Fund at Florida International University  has been the catalyst for several OA conversations on campus, including presentations before several policy making committees across campus.