Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May: Choose Privacy 2014: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts (American Library Association)

May 5 (1-2 pm Mountain)
Dark forces conspire online to undermine privacy, compromise accounts, stalk, troll, and just plain creep us out. Libraries have a longstanding tradition of protecting their users’ privacy and confidentiality, but often fail to take basic steps to protect patrons’ use of their public access computers and digital resources.  Attend this special Choose Privacy Week webinar to learn more about how online surveillance works, get practical tips on improving privacy on public computers, and gain a better understanding of current legal threats to digital privacy and online anonymity.   Ann Crewdson and Helen Adams, co-chairs of the ALA-IFC Privacy Subcommittee, will also introduce the newly revised ALA Privacy Tool Kit that includes new sections on the impact of emerging technologies on library users’ privacy.