Friday, June 20, 2014

Aug: Fundamentals of Preservation (ALCTS)

Aug 18-Sept 2
Also running Oct 20-Nov14

Four-week online course that introduces participants to the principles, policies and practices of preservation in libraries and archives. It is designed to inform all staff, across divisions and departments and at all levels of responsibility. Provides tools to begin extending the useful life of library collections.

Course components:

    Preservation as a formal library function, and how it reflects and supports the institutional mission.
    The primary role of preventive care, including good storage conditions, emergency planning, and careful handling of collections.
    The history and manufacture of physical formats and how this impacts on preservation options.
    Standard methods of care and repair, as well as reformatting options.
    Challenges in preserving digital content and what the implications are for the future of scholarship.

$109 ALCTS members; $139 nonmembers