Friday, June 20, 2014

Jul: Making Responsive Websites Fast (O'Reilly)

July 1, 2014
9-10am PST

Responsive Web Design is quickly becoming the standard way any organization should tackle the post-iPhone web. The client-side approach it embraces makes adapting to the current device easy—and makes it just as easy to make your site painfully slow. Mistakes such as downloading hidden or oversized images, triggering unnecessary scripts, and building massive page sections (only to have them hidden) plague RWD implementations across the Web.
However, being responsive DOES NOT mean being slow. In this webcast, we'll review the most common performance pitfalls and show how you can avoid falling into them, keeping your responsive site snappy and fun. We'll discuss how to combine a smart front-end and a smart server, and offer practical advice on how and when to use each one. Finally, we'll mention some of the standardization efforts underway to help make this work easier in the future.