Friday, August 22, 2014

Oct: Introduction to the Semantic Web (Library Juice Academy)

Dates: October 6-31, 2014
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175
One of the main goals the semantic web (sometimes referred to as Web 3.0, Linked Data, or the Web of Data) is to allow the web to be treated like a database through structured metadata, controlled vocabularies, and data linking. Simply put, semantics is the process of adding description and information to resources to help us understand the meaning of these resources. This is not a foreign concept to LIS professionals, the language and tools of semantic organization, however, are a new and evolving discipline. In this course we will provide an introduction to semantic web standards (RDF, RDFa, taxonomies/OWL, SKOS) and their application. RDF is the foundation of the semantic web and most related standards so we will spend a significant portion of time learning the basic concepts of the RDF framework and how RDF can be represented in an XML format (we'll be looking at a good number of RDF examples). In addition, we will explore how to create semantic models that could be used to link/share different types of resources, and how basic ontologies (using the Web Ontology Language) are created.