Friday, August 29, 2014

Oct: iPads, Mobile Devices, and the Library (Infopeople)

October 16, 2014  12noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern

Your library is offering iPads for patrons to use and large numbers of users are bringing in their own mobile devices into the library.
•    Are those mobile devices really small computers or a different animal altogether? Should different policies apply to each?
•    What is the FCC’s current stance on the Children’s Internet Protection Act compliance and mobile devices?
•    Is the library concerned about privacy and copyright issues when the public presses a tiny virtual shutter or record button?
•    Are you loading content onto devices for users without considering patrons with disabilities?
Since mobile devices are so commonplace, it may be time to consider some legal issues regarding their use in libraries. They may affect your library’s photography, audio and video recording policy. The way you select, load content, and lend mobile devices may be influenced by licensing agreements and ADA compliance issues.