Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sept-Oct: Useful Online Tools to Increase Your Productivity & Improve Customer Service (Infopeople)

An Infopeople online course, September 30 – October 13, 2014

Ever wondered if there's a better way to do something?  Chances are that someone else has wondered the same thing and had a brilliant idea for a freely available online service. Many of these useful online tools remain "under the radar" and unknown to most.  This short format* course will focus on introducing learners to different types of useful and little known online tools.

During the course, you’ll learn to use online tools to:
·         Increase productivity
·         Improve workflow
·         Enhance communication

* Our new short format courses are reduced in price ($55 in-state/$110 out-of-state) and are customized in length to the topic, designed to be started and completed in 2 – 3 weeks and offer practical knowledge and information that can be put to use immediately.

Instructor: Laura Solomon

Fee: $55 for those in the California library community and Infopeople Partners, $110 for all others. 
For a complete course description and to register go to