Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oct: The Evolution of Research Management (Choice/ACRL)

Tuesday, October 28 / 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PT

As the needs of the researcher continue to change in the digital era, research management tools are quickly becoming a vital addition to the academic library to help streamline the research workflow.
Join us for a webinar in partnership with ProQuest, where we will explore the growing popularity of integrated research management and workflow tools to support the evolving, dynamic research workflow. You'll learn how the library can effectively manage the use of these tools, gain valuable insights into researcher consumption of research materials and increase end-user adoption at your institution. Attendees to the session will walk away with a better understanding of:
•    The shift in focus from reference management to research management solutions.
•    What to look for in a research management solution to ensure it will meet the needs of the researcher and the library.
•    The benefits of tools that integrate across the researcher workflow, from content discovery through authoring.
•    The various models of adoption and what librarians can do to encourage earlier adoption by their library patrons.