Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec: Discussing Design: The Art of Critique (O'Reilly)

Tuesday, Dec. 16 (11-12 pm Mountain)

We've all been there. Just as a design nears final approval, a decision-maker enters the picture to suggest "tweaks" that shift the project's course. And the worst part? That person doesn't understand all the reasons for your design decisions! But wait, is that gloomy perspective only held by the design team responsible? Find out the answer by getting a reality check on critiques from Adam Connor. He'll describe how to give, receive, and act upon feedback while confidently guiding your projects through beneficial feedback loops. With the right approach to critique and collaboration, your designs will be stronger than ever. In this webcast you will learn: How to structure projects to include more feedback loops, Listen to stakeholder comments with increased objectivity, Separate problem solving from critical thinking, and Give and receive critiques differently, and for the better.

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