Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan'15: The Mobile Learning Tipping Point (Chief Learning Officer)

1/29/15 12:00 pm to 1/29/15 1:00 pm EST

mLearning has been a buzzword in eLearning for decades. Nearly every year, someone speculates that the time for mLearning has finally arrived — and about just about as often we discover that very few people actually are producing their learning content for mobile devices. Nonetheless, the landscape is clearly changing all around us. It’s a paradigm altering realization when you consider that all but a few interactions with media, are with rich, screen-based media. It makes sense to also examine the potential of mLearning to add value to learning overall. Just as the behavior of people has changed to adapt to the presence of mobile devices, it is also an open door to consider expanding the opportunity for learning content because it is unhinged from the traditional office environment and because of the additional tools that are exposed thanks to the tablet and smartphone capabilities.