Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mar'15: Success Under Pressure (InSynch)

March 23, 2015 / 10-11am Pacific

Presents five GREAT principles which have been proven to be of huge value in terms of improving success levels:
  1. Gratitude – we are wired to worry and see problems, in other words, to be negative (called Negativity Bias) – gratitude is the most powerful way to counter this bias and to create a more positive approach.
  2. Reframing – to see challenges in a more exciting manner without changing any of the facts – this skill enables people to perform more successfully and at a higher level.
  3. Energy – both our food intake and our exercise schedule impact our ability to operate well under pressure. Gary proves that it is worth all the effort to eat healthy food and exercise appropriately in order to get more things done in the day, and so be more successful.
  4. Advancement – improving and learning ensures we stay ahead of the competition, and also invigorates our brains and helps us to think more clearly, and with more confidence.
  5. Teamwords – Words have an immense power, and in order to get help from your team to achieve your goals, you will need to get them onside by using powerful motivating Teamwords.
Participants will leave with an outline of how they can use Gary and Michelle’s 5 GREAT principles to ensure they not only perform under pressure, but THRIVE! These GREAT skills will not only improve success at work, but can also have a profound positive effect on participant’s personal lives.