Friday, February 27, 2015

Apr-May'15: Supervisory Success: Interpersonal Skills for New and Not-so-new Supervisors (Infopeople)

April 14th - May 11th, 2015
California $ 75.00

•    Are you a new supervisor or lead?
•    Would you like to move into a supervisory position in a library?
•    Do you want to improve your ability to bring out the best in your employees?
Supervising others can be exciting and gratifying, but it can also be challenging. While it is great to watch the people you supervise grow and learn, and very satisfying to see your department succeed, it can also be difficult to watch others make mistakes or do things differently than you would. Being a good supervisor means leading other people, effectively communicating goals and objectives, and coaching and mentoring others to help them become the best they can be. However, most library supervisors start without any formal training in these important interpersonal skills.