Friday, February 27, 2015

Mar'15: Making Members Feel They Matter (Wild Apricot)

Wednesday, March 18 (12-1 pm Mountain)

Without realizing it, many organizations make their members feel that they don’t matter – through automated letters and emails and less-than-heartfelt thank you’s. Why do organizations routinely dismiss and distance themselves from their own members, making their work harder and lonelier? How can leaders practice fearless leadership that centers on making members matter more, resulting in more relevant and successful organizations? In our upcoming Wild Apricot Expert Webinar, Allison Fine will answer these questions and outline a new kind of leadership that generates the courage to be out in the world in more open and vulnerable ways by knowing that other people truly matter and trusting that the world will respond with good will, creativity, and generosity. Leading this way doesn’t mean doing something different, it means being something different.

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