Friday, February 13, 2015

May'15: Visual Analytics with D3.js (Library Juice Academy)

May 4-29, 2015

Visual analytics is a special form of visualization that implies that visual representations (e.g., charts, maps, graphs, tables and so on) should be interactive (i.e. users should be able to change them: filter, animate, select and perform other manipulations). Interactive visual representations (such as time series graphs, time maps, animated charts) are becoming popular additions to library websites and catalogs. They are used for showing statistics about library usage and telling stories about library services and collections. This 4-week workshop introduces participants to D3.js (Data-Driven Documents), one of the fastest growing JavaScript-based open-source visualization libraries that allows web site designers to create interactive visualizations. Participants will also learn how to adapt existing open-source representations available in D3.js library for their own needs. Some comfort with JavaScript is assumed. (Our course titled Introduction to Client-Side Web Scripting would be good preparation.)