Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apr'15: Expect the Unexpected and Prepare for It: Crisis Planning for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Hub)

Wednesday, April 8 (10:30-11:30 am Mountain)

Crisis preparedness is usually the last priority for busy, understaffed, overworked nonprofit organizations. Tell that to Penn State or Susan G. Komen, two organizations caught in a media firestorm and whose unpreparedness almost crippled them. Even corporations like BP mismanaged communications during a crisis, largely because they were unprepared for a PR situation of that magnitude. Simple crisis planning helps mitigate the risk of being caught unprepared when your organization’s reputation is at risk. This webinar will walk participants through, step-by-step, the process of crisis preparedness. How do you know you’re in a crisis? What are the strategies to find your way out of a crisis? How do we structure the response? And most valuable to nonprofits: How do I protect my organization’s reputation while still promoting our cause? Through the lessons of real-life examples and tailored scenarios organizations are most vulnerable to, participants will leave this webinar with a better understanding of how to handle a crisis, what it takes to effectively prepare for one, and the precise elements that should go into any PR crisis plan.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.nonprofithub.org/webinars/