Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jun'15: Access Services: Keeping the Common (Library Juice Academy)

Dates: June 1-26, 2015
Price: $175

This course will take students on a tour of Access Services in the contemporary academic library with a focus on the development of best practices and how to integrate disparate functional units into a cohesive department focused on patron service and accurate processing. We will examine each unit (circulation, stacks management, reserves, and interlibrary loan) individually to identify what kind of work it does, the skills needed to perform that work, and the impact of the academic calendar on the unit’s workload. We will also explore opportunities for cross-training, staff development, and how to identify opportunities for service expansion and improvement. Students will be encouraged to bring their own experiences and stories to class so that we can have lively discussions about what works and what doesn’t. We will also examine common ethical dilemmas that arise in Access Services departments and the underlying challenges related to cross-class communication in the library.