Friday, May 8, 2015

May'15: C&RL Future of the “Research” in the Association of College & Research Libraries: Where Do We Go From Here? (ACRL)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015
11am Pacific | 12pm Mountain | 1pm Central | 2pm Eastern
Length: 60  minutes

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At the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland, we began a discussion of the future role of ACRL in sponsoring, promoting, and disseminating research in academic librarianship in an era when the platforms for each are becoming increasingly diverse. What is the role of the Association, nationally and locally? How can the Association collaborate with other sponsors of relevant research, including OCLC or JISC? How can the Association collaborate with LIS schools or local libraries to ensure that research skills are a vibrant part of pre-professional and continuing professional education programs? What roles in supporting your research should ACRL be playing that it is not? Using these ideas posed at Portland as a starting point, you’ll have a chance to engage the conference panelists in a wide-ranging discussion of what we need from our Association if it is to remain central to our work as researchers and evidence-informed practitioners.