Thursday, August 30, 2012

Writing in the Digital Age

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Partners in Education:
Creating Common Core Rubrics

Featuring Dawn Lewis, Co-Chair of the English Professional Learning Council

Learn the process taken by the EPLC when they partnered with secondary and higher ed communities to develop Common Core-aligned rubrics for English Language Arts. Attendees are eligible to receive a free copy of the CCSS-aligned rubrics.

Shelly Vasquez

Thursday, September 13

Bridging the Gap:
Common Core Rubrics for Secondary and Higher Ed

Featuring Shelly Vasquez, Director of Educational Collaboration for IEBC

Join a lively discussion on how Common Core-aligned rubrics can bridge the gap between K-12 and higher education standards, effect outcomes, and promote student success. Attendees are eligible to receive a free copy of the CCSS-aligned rubrics.

Shelly Vasquez

Thursday, September 20

The Plagiarism Spectrum:
Tagging 10 Types of Unoriginal Work

Featuring Ray Huang, Survey Developer and Analyst at Turnitin

Discover the findings from nearly 900 instructors on the various types of plagiarism they encounter, and the frequency and problematic nature of each type. Attendees are eligible to receive a free infographic poster depicting the Plagiarism Spectrum.

Ray Huang

Thursday, September 27

Engaging Faculty and Students to Resist Plagiarism Through Policy and Practice

Featuring David Wangaard, Executive Director of The School for Ethical Education

As a follow-up to The Plagiarism Spectrum, this webcast will discuss how to use academic integrity policies to engage faculty and students so they learn to avoid the various types of plagiarism. Attendees are eligible to enter a drawing for a free copy of David's book, "Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity."

David Wangaard

Thursday, October 4

What's a Teacher to Do? Aligning School Administrator and University Teacher Training Expectations

Featuring Sheree Keller, Student Teacher Evaluator, BYU Idaho

This webcast will share findings from a collaborative board of university faculty and district superintendents in their efforts to align how teachers are trained to do their job and how they are evaluated in their work.

Sheree Keller

Thursday, October 11

From the Margins:
Providing Effective Feedback on Student Papers

Featuring Renee Bangerter, English Professor at Saddleback College

Discover the results from an analysis of 11 million instructor marks left on student papers and the implications this data suggests regarding effective feedback. Attendees are eligible to receive a free word cloud graphic of the study results.

Renee Bangerter

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