Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OERs

State University of New York (SUNY) is offering an outstanding online OER course starting Wednesday January 23. The class is free and open to all. Registration starts today January 16.
Open Doors Group (ODG) will provide no-cost mentors for anyone enrolled in this class. To request a mentor, write to for instructions to join the ODG MentorCloud.

Course Description
Use Buffalo State as the Institution, search for Beth Burns and then choose the class.
OER-101: Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OERs is a self-paced online community course that has been built to demonstrate how to find, adapt, and develop OERs step-by-step. These OERs may then be licensed via Creative Commons, printed and bound, and integrated into any type of learning environment.
The course is organized into five “pursuits,” each of which represents one facet of the world of OERs.  Participants are encouraged to complete all of the pursuits by following the suggested course progression, but each pursuit can also be completed individually.
For evaluation and feedback, OER-101 will employ a badging system powered by Mozilla Open Badges.  The exploration of badging within the course is funded by a SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant. Participants will earn badges by completing the course pursuits and will receive a ‘master badge’ for course completion.  Additionally, OER-101 will utilize a community learning model informed by a facilitation method established by Philyse Banner at the American Public University System.
The results from this course will be documented within the SUNY Learning Commons.
Accessing the Course
The course is offered through Blackboard’s Coursesites.  Enrollment in the course is open and continuous.  Participants may self-enroll beginning on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013, and the course content will be available to participants after Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013.  Additional information on the course and a link to registration can be found at    Use Buffalo State as the Institution, search for Beth Burns and then choose the class. 

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