Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring Library/Information Technology Courses (Online) at Cuesta

Cuesta College offers a mature and robust program in Library/Information Technology both for those wishing to enter the field or to continue their education within it.  Cuesta College is a regionally accredited California Community College and offers an Associate Degree and Certificate of Achievement in Library/Information Technology.  Some students have completed our required core in two semesters.  Four semesters is more typical.  Students with heavy work and family responsibilities may take even longer.  Tuition, set by the state, is currently $46/unit for California residents.
Since many of our classes tend to fill early, prospective students are advised to register as early as possible in order to maximize their choices.  An online application to the college must be completed and accepted before one can register for classes.   To apply online go to
Spring Classes begin January 22, 2013 

DIST 101 - Introduction to Online Courses
LIBT 101 - Introduction to Library Services (pre- or co-requisite: DIST 101)
LIBT 104 - Organizing Information (prerequisite: DIST 101 & LIBT 101)
LIBT 105 - Library/Information Center Collections (prerequisite: DIST 101 & LIBT 101)
LIBT 106 - Introduction to the Internet
LIBT 115 - Technology in the Workplace

LIBT 118 - Connecting Adolescents with Literature and Libraries
LIBT 207 - Web Page Development with XHTML
LIBT 212 - Research Skills for the Information Age
For more information on the classes, see the ClassFinder:
For more program information visit our Library/Information Technology Program website or call Kathy DeCou at (805) 546-3190.

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