Monday, May 6, 2013

May: The future of teens and libraries

Yesterday was the kick-off of YALSA and’s month-long exploration of the future of teens and libraries.  You can view the recording at  Anyone is welcome to attend and participate, and no registration is required.  Upcoming chats are:
Each virtual chat will take place from 1pm – 2pm, eastern.  YALSA President H. Jack Martin and Crystle Martin, Postdoctoral Researcher for the Connected Learning Research Network, will be the moderators for these free virtual chats, which will look at the roles social media and teens play in the future of public and school libraries. Crystle and Jack will facilitate discussions with Paula Brehm-Heeger, danah boyd, Renee Hobbs, Lee Rainie, Chris Shoemaker, Joyce Valenza, and many more about the challenges surrounding leveraging social media in library programs. YALSA members are invited to participate and to share what has or has not been working in their own libraries. Participants will explore best practices from across the globe to implement in their library.
Participants can watch in real time, connect via Chat with others, and ask questions on Livestream, watch live on the Connected Learning Google+ Page, and contribute to the #futureoflibraries conversation on Twitter. Be sure to check the YALSAblog the month of May, where discussions will continue there as well.  After the last session, and YALSA will put together a free summary report with tools and resources for librarians and library workers to use in their library.

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