Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug: Understanding Personalities in the Workplace

Each session of this 3-part series is 60 minutes.
Wednesdays, August 14, 21, and 28 @ 2:00 PM Central Time
Are you an employee? A manager? Do you have a spouse? Children? Friends? Acquaintances? Do you volunteer in an organization? Are you on committees? Do you ever deal with people in any context at all? Of course you do! This 3-part webinar series is an invaluable tool in understanding your own personality style, as well as understanding those with whom you interact.
You'll be introduced to Tightrope walkers, Ringleaders, Attendants and Clowns, and find out how we are all so different... and yet so alike. Why do they do the things they do and why do you react the way you do? Why do you struggle to communicate effectively with some people? Why don’t they have the same goals you do? Why don’t they see things the way you do (after all, you’re right, right?!?)?
In the first session, you’ll find out your own personality style as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each of the four basic styles. As you learn about yourself, you’ll undoubtedly experience an “aha!” moment regarding someone else (or several “someone elses”!)
In the second session, we’ll delve deeper by finding out what makes them – and us – tick!
In the final session of the series, we’ll learn how to stay on TRAC (Tightrope walkers, Ringleaders, Attendants and Clowns) with specific ways to deal with each style.
If you’ve ever asked yourself “why did they DO that?” attend this informative and fun workshop series - and find out!

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn and begin to master:
  • An understanding of their own personality style
  • The characteristics of each of the 4 personality styles
  • How to interact with each of the 4 styles
  • An understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each style

Who Should Attend

An understanding of personalities in the workplace can benefit staff members at any level. Managers may benefit specifically from an understanding of where each personality “fits” in their particular environment.


Linda Bruno
Based in Ocala, Florida, Linda has been developing and conducting training workshops since 1997. She has been deeply involved with libraries for more than a decade, working with many library groups around the country.
In her “former life,” Linda spent time as a manager in the corporate world in areas such as Purchasing, Customer Relations, and Sales.
Linda’s passion is helping others learn and grow through workshops on topics ranging from leadership to personalities – and many others in between!


Number of seats: 30 max
Registration fees:
$120 for ASCLA members / $150 for ALA members / $195 for non-ALA members / $105 for ALA student members and retired members
Group Rates
$299 single login / $115/person multiple logins. (min. 2 people)
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Technical Requirements

This webinar will be offered using Adobe Connect. Please ensure that you have Adobe Flash Player Version 10.1 or later on your computer. Audio for this webinar will be streamed over computer speakers and via a teleconference line. You will be able to ask questions and interact with the presenter and other webinar participants via chat.
You can test your settings to verify that your computer is configured properly to participate in this webinar.
You will receive access instructions from Andrea no later than 24 hours before the webinar is to be held.

How to Register


Questions about your registration should be directed to registration@ala.org. Technical questions about the webinar should be directed to Andrea Hill, ASCLA Web Manager, at ahill@ala.org.