Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dec: Strategic Planning: The Balanced Scorecard Approach (ALA)

A 90-minute workshop, Wednesday, December 4th, 2:30pm Eastern/1:30 Central/12:30 Mountain/11:30am Pacific


Need a more straightforward, effective way to organize your library from top to bottom? The Balanced Scorecard™ approach offers a strategic planning and management tool that integrates all aspects of your library’s functions—staffing, financial matters, community involvement, programming, and project management—into one comprehensive tool. By using The Balanced Scorecard™ approach your library can harness the enthusiasm and expertise of stakeholders from the community, the Board, library leadership, and the entire staff to create plans that people really believe in. In this workshop Hakala-Ausperk walks you through creating real plans that produce real results.

After participating, you will understand:
  • How the Balanced Scorecard™ approach works and what it can do
  • Steps for getting started
  • Ways to achieve a full integration of the approach without disrupting your services or staffing